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A film fest is a yearly celebration where films are judged professionally and screened. This kind of celebration is celebrated around the globe. In this kind of celebration people will be able to see the newest and films that are something bold that they may not see on their local movie theaters. This is also the kind of celebration where artists convene together and voted for certain awards and receive awards.

This kind of celebration provides the new artist the chance to stand out and also present the work of already respected and famous filmmakers. This kind of celebration can vary from huge, star-studded celebrations like the Sundance film festival in U.S and the Cannes film fest to independent, small local awards that accepts only not so many participants. This celebration can concentrate either on independent films or short films.

There's one thing that all the film fests have in common which is that they honor all the artists making the films and they celebrate the art of film. This kind of celebration provides chance to new filmmakers to have their films be in front of real live viewers to have it be evaluated by professional critics. All film festivals are not similar, some of them can just accept movies created by female directors, Jewish films, or comedy movies. Not all kinds of movies are accepted in this event, film fests allow films only that have passed certain standards.

Not only the famous artists or filmmakers are invited in this event, anybody can witness this event also. There are some film festivals that let students into courses related to making films attend also.

This kind of celebration is absolutely the best one because film fest is the time where entire artists and makers of films are being honored and awarded.