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In a few short days from now you could be a published author on using our book template ... you can work your own hours from home ... wake when you want ... revolve it around family commitments - and take control of your financial destiny once and for all doing something you LOVE!

Dear unpublished author,

Right now you're probably in one of 2 positions.

#1 - You have a manuscript that you have shopped around to all the publishers you could find, and nobody was interested....or

#2 - You have just finished your book, and you have decided to self-publish...

Either way, you have been considering your options in regards to getting your book professionally typeset and an eye-catching cover designed. In short, you need a book template.

Did you know that ordinarily it will cost you over $1000 to get your book typeset and a cover designed?

It's true

Did you know that this website is the only place on the internet where you can get a professional book template that has been specifically designed for selling books on

It's true

If you have had a chance to get any quotes for the above services, you'd be well aware that quotes can range anywhere from $1000 up to thousands of dollars, just to typeset one average size book, and create a cover design for it.

Now I don't know about you, but most people I know, myself included, don't have that kind of cash lying around to invest in projects like my book production.

When I recently published my first book 'Niche Internet Marketing', I shopped around for months looking for a professional designer with the right experience who also didn't charge an arm and a leg. In the end I did have to pay an arm, but I devised a way to offset my costs, and pass the benefits onto you.

When I had my book designed, I asked my designer to also create some additional generic templates that would be compliant with at the same time. That way anybody could use these templates to quickly and easily transfer their manuscript to a template that would be accepted by createspace, and immediately ready to upload and then publish on

So today is your lucky day, not only will you be able to download these templates today, and potentially have your book uploaded and available on in only a few short hours, but you'll only pay a fraction of the price I initially invested in getting these templates designed for you.

Imagine waking up tomorrow and checking how many books you have sold on ... Below is what is included in the Book Template package.

The Book Template has been designed for use with Adobe Indesign, and Quark.

Goto to see 'Digital Publishing Tycoon', a book on that was created using the book template.

You will receive files in both formats, for the following book sizes:

5.25" x 8"
5.5" x 8.5"
6" x 9"
7" x 10"
8" x 10"
8.25" x 8.25"
8.25" x 6"

Each template contains: Content pages, Cover and wrap around cover ( or "Book Jacket "). A fonts folder is included for all files.

The Book Template is designed to comply specifically for formatting your books for submission to and inclusion on

Goto to see more examples of books created with the Book template.

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